We interviewed the genius girl behind DisneyBound — and she’s just as magical as you’d expect

Calling all Disney fans! Calling all fashionistas! Calling all Disney fashionistas! I have great news: The Disney and fashion gods have decided to bring us an angel, and her name is Leslie Kay. I was honored to have the chance to talk to Kay personally about her Disney-rific outfits (more on that magical Q&A later), but first, here’s a little primer on Kay and DisneyBound, for anyone who isn’t familiar with the project.

Leslie Kay is a Canadian sweetheart who is mega creative. She took her passion for fashion and fused it with her Disney love to bring us DisneyBound. DisneyBound is the idea that you can dress like your favorite Disney character every single day of the year, no cosplay necessary. No, this isn’t a joke. Kay puts together Disney-inspired ensembles that are totally wearable and casual and amazing. See for yourself:

Even though Kay has gained fame for her character-inspired creations, she goes above and beyond, pulling inspiration from other Disney-related entities too, like the parks, resorts and attractions.

And don’t worry, Disney fanboys can get in on the action, too.

In fact…. You can even rock DisneyBound looks with your significant other or your best friend!

You can find more examples on the official DisneyBound website. Kay keeps things fresh on the site with fun theme weeks, Prom Week, Star Wars Week, Avengers Week, Pixar Week, and even non-Disney week (yes, she goes there)!

The DisneyBound phenomenon has really taken off, with many Disney lovers rocking the looks at Disney parks. The site has even become so popular that Disney has actually acknowledged it, multiple times. I personally have been following DisneyBound for years, so I felt honored when I got to talk to Leslie Kay about the site, the movement and how she keeps up with it all. Check out my exclusive HelloGiggles interview with her!

HG: What inspired you to start DisneyBound?

LK: DisneyBound was inspired by a trip I was taking to Disney World with my best friend at the time. We were literally Disney bound. I created a blog to channel my excitement — it was just your standard Disney fan blog. But I started to create these outfits based off of Disney characters using items you could use in your own closet or local mall — and it very rapidly took off.

HG: How long have you been DisneyBounding?

LK: I’ve been doing the blog 4 years – but I’ve been DisneyBounding for a while.

HG: What is your favorite thing about Disney?

LK: I love the magic that Walt Disney has created. It’s so incredible to see one man’s idea turn into something so much more.

HG: Any memorable DisneyBounds you’ve created? Any memorable ones you’ve seen others create?

LK: This answer changes each week — every week, I have a new one that I had a lot of fun creating — and every week, I see someone create something that I think is just the coolest thing in the world.

HG: How long have you loved Disney? Where does this love come from?

LK: I’ve loved Disney ever since I was very young. Forever! I think, at heart, I love fantasy and magic. And Disney is nothing but fantasy and magic!

HG: Did you expect DisneyBounding to become as popular as it has?

LK: I had no idea it would. It still hasn’t set in really!

HG: Who is your favorite Disney character to DisneyBound as?

LK: Again, that answer changes week-to-week. Right now, I’m loving Rocket Raccoon. But who knows, next week it will be someone else entirely!

HG: Have you ever considered working at a Disney park or for Disney in general?

LK: If the right opportunity arose, I definitely would, without a doubt.

HG: Is there anything you want to say to the DisneyBound fans out there?

LK: Thank you so much for your love and support. DisneyBound would be nothing if it weren’t for you. You are all the best!

Overall, DisneyBounding is like dress up for big kids. It’s fantastic, but most importantly, it’s a fun and creative way to express yourself! We love DisneyBounding — and Leslie Kay for making it such a huge thing!

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