The internet’s reaction to “Moonlight’s” momentous Oscars win is giving us hope for this world

Whether or not your eyes were glued to the Oscars last night, you’ve probably heard by now that Moonlight won Best Picture (yeah, yeah, after that  confusing mishap with the envelopes). We couldn’t be happier that such a culturally relevant, tender, and thoughtful film has been recognized on the global stage.

Coming of age stories aren’t rare in Hollywood, but this one is particularly memorable. The understated story unfolds in three parts with minimal dialogue, and although the film isn’t doing anything revolutionary on the surface, it ultimately feels incredibly profound.

Moonlight won three Oscars last night, and it’s utterly deserving. The internet agrees!


Moonlight is only the second feature from director Barry Jenkins, and we’re so proud of him! What an incredible achievement.

If you haven’t yet seen Moonlight, we thoroughly recommend it. Every performance is brilliantly layered, and Mahershala Ali even won Best Supporting Actor.

via giphySending a huge congrats to the Moonlight team, and we look forward to many more stories like these in the near future; ones that aren’t afraid to take chances and show underrepresented communities in real, three-dimensional ways.

Keep up the good work, Hollywood!