The internet wants to make a movie where Jeff Goldblum and Stanley Tucci are husbands, and we’re 100% on board

The wonderful users of Twitter have been at it again, and have been playing Hollywood studio execs. However, rather than a buddy movie starring two fabulous women, people want to make a movie about Jeff Goldblum and Stanley Tucci where they’re husbands and they make food — i.e. THE. ACTUAL. DREAM.

Of course, you’ll remember how Twitter essentially turned a candid snap of Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o at a fashion show into a fully fledged movie. After a picture was shared on to the popular micro-blogging site of the two stars, people quickly began petitioning to get the movie made. In fact, both RiRi and Nyong’o were into the idea, and it was soon reported that Netflix would actually be producing a film starring both stars! MAJOR.

Well, acting like those Hollywood honchos who cook up movie ideas, users on Twitter have been shaping another movie this time focused around Jeff Goldblum and Stanley Tucci.

The idea was originally voiced by Twitter user @TylerfBradley, who came up with the concept.

"film concept: jeff goldblum and stanley tucci own a restaurant and are also husbands," he wrote.

He then shared two pictures, one of Stanley Tucci with food, and another of Jeff Golblum in his iconic food truck.

Okay, this is one INCREDIBLE idea, and one that we need to make happen ASAP. We can actually picture it now — both Tucci and Goldblum have some pretty impressive film credits, and we can imagine a kooky dramedy where the two are restaurateurs.

Indeed, people on social media had more ideas they could happen in this movie, including the fact that both Tucci and Goldblum were ex-CIA agents, and having another fab star, Mark Ruffalo, come in and shake things up in their marriage. AGAIN. THE. DREAM.

People were pretty ready to just give away all their money to make this project a reality (although some concerns that the turtleneck budget might be too high).

Some people even felt like a movie wouldn’t be enough, and that a whole Netflix series was needed.

At the time of writing, neither Jeff Golblum or Stanley Tucci have commented on this potentially amazing movie, but we have hopes that *something* could come to fruition. The world needs this movie.

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