The internet is collectively tilting its head at this photo of Kendall Jenner’s legs

Typically, when we see pictures of Kendall Jenner, we totally get what’s going on in the picture. Because that’s how pictures work — they’re pretty straightforward. What you see is what you get. But a picture posted to the InStyle Instagram page of Jenner and her legs is confusing the internet big time, and we get it.

Because what is even happening?

The photo in question is of Kendall posing with Kylie Jenner and Hailey Baldwin at a Golden Globes after-party. The ladies are sitting on a couch in their glamorous dresses, cuddled up for the photo — you know, as they do.

But there seems to be one problem — Kendall’s leg is M.I.A..

We see one of her legs, but where’s the other? If it’s hidden under her dress, that would mean she’s sitting super spread eagle. But we can’t imagine that would be the case given her attire. But like, where else could it be? Obviously it’s somewhere, but it’s definitely not in the photo.

Instagram user britney.jacobs explained the confusion beautifully and precisely.

"They all have their legs crossed and Kendall has her left leg (covered by her dress) under her right leg," she commented on the photo. "It looks a bit funny because she's twisting to face the camera. You're welcome."

Ah, yes. The ol’ twist to face the camera. Mystery solved. Sort of. We still aren’t completely convinced.