The internet has welcomed this sheriff meme into its virtual arms

The internet is a weird and beautiful place full of creative people. The latest bit of creativity comes in the form of a meme — a sheriff meme, to be exact. And it’s taking over Twitter, because of course.

Twitter user Brandon Wardell makes hilarious memes, and his recent viral meme is no exception. Wardell created the Howdy Sheriff, a meme made up completely of emoji. People can’t seem to stop making their own versions of the meme, and that’s totally fine by us.

Because, as it turns out, Howdy Sheriff is exactly who we need in our lives today.

Making Howdy Sheriff is simple. The top of the image is always the cowboy face emoji, the bottom is always finished off with two cowboy boot emoji, and the rest of Howdy Sheriff consists of whatever the creator chooses. This is the original (slightly NSFW) Howdy Sheriff posted by Wardell. Other Twitter users came up with their own Sheriffs, and they’re all super inventive.

Like the Sheriff of Cinema: false

The Sheriff of Honest Journalism offering the facts:

Here’s the Sheriff of Nature doing her part to save the planet: false

The most adorable creation is the Sheriff of Good Dogs:

And the sweetest one, the Sheriff of Love, came from this guy:

Even Coca-Cola jumped on the Sheriff bandwagon with the Sheriff of Refreshment:

Nylon‘s Sheriff of My Own Body is super on-point and definitely one of our favorites:

You’re totally gonna make your own Howdy Sheriff now, aren’t you? Same.

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