The internet reacts to the news that Vine is shutting down in the most hilarious way

We just learned this morning that social media site Vine is shutting down for good. The news came that the short video social media site will keep its website up for now, but that the app will be shutting down. All over the internet, stars who have made their names using Vine were bummed to find out the site was closing. The rest of the internet has also reacted strongly to the news that Vine is done for good. Here are some of our favorite reactions from social media users around the web.

As is always the case on the internet, lots of the reactions to Vine’s shutdown were hilarious.

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Many users used the news of Vine’s demise to poke fun at the unusually short timeline allowed for videos on Vine.


Although, some users thought the move was a mistake by Twitter.

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But leave it to comedian Patton Oswalt to trump them all by posting his first Vine today.

Bye, Vine! Maybe the internet will find another home for your six seconds.

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