The internet took a photo of airborne Harry Styles and ran with it like no tomorrow

Former One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles is literally flying back into our lives at lightening speed. Yes, there’s buzz around the upcoming Friday release of his new single, “Sign of the Times.” But the internet is much more interested in a strange photo of airborne Harry Styles, and we can’t blame them. It’s a pretty funny and obscure picture. Styles is dangling from a single red cord, in regular street clothes, looking like he’s shouting for someone to help him down.

Instead of offering the pop singer any help, the internet decided to put their Photoshop skills to work instead, turning Styles into the meme of the week.

And what a funny meme he is.

We loved this poignant scene from the 2002 classic, Harry Styles and the Chamber of Secrets. Truly profound.

The casting choice for the new 2017 family flick Harry Poppins should really make it a hit at the box office.

And “Larry” conspiracy theorists had a heyday with the pic, as they do with most Harry/Louis happenings.

Ah yes. A common mistake, dear. Let’s keep walking.


But ultimately, these shots of Harry Styles in flight are really getting us amped up for the start of his solo career. The music video really does look good. Just look at the special effects — false

All joking aside, Styles touched back down to earth, safe and sound. A true artist sacrifices for their art, and Styles almost sacrificed his life for this single. We haven’t heard Harry Styles lyric we didn’t like, so we think it’s safe to say that his sacrifice was worth it!

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