The internet is rightfully outraged over this offensive Halloween costume

It’s Halloween costume time again, which also means it’s time to call out all of the racist and sexist costumes some people insist are “just for fun,” but are actually just offensive. Given the current political climate, it’s essential to call people out when they don one of these costumes. And this year, the internet is outraged over an offensive “wall” costume — and for good reason.

Please, whatever you and your friends decide to wear this year, anything related the very real and very terrifying immigration policies from the current administration should be off limits.

The particular costume that’s making its way around Twitter comes from Party City. It’s a piece of fabric with fake bricks printed on it and “The Wall” written in a graffiti type font. Some are defending the costume by suggesting that it’s meant as a reference to the iconic Pink Floyd album The Wall, since the typeset is similar. Alas, the suggested “accessories” for the costume are a Donald Trump-like wig and face bronzer. So it’s definitely not ambiguous.

Here’s the costume in question,


And many people are speaking out:


This isn’t the only “wall” costume out there — other sites are also selling awful “wall” costumes.It’s officially a 2017 Halloween trend. Ugh.

It’s just not funny. Also not funny? The border patrol Halloween costumes with an “Agent Wall” name tag being sold next to Donald Trump masks in some Halloween stores. Families are being torn apart because of the current administration’s new immigration policies. It takes a crazy lack of empathy and a whole lot of white  privilege to find any humor in costumes like this.

Friends don’t let friends wear inappropriate and offensive Halloween costumes. Let’s hope for better next year.

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