The Internet loves ‘The Golden Girls’ and here’s proof

The Golden Girls are winning. Even though there isn’t an actual contest happening, they’re still winning. They are all over the Internet in the best way, ever. 29 years after the show’s debut, people still can’t get enough of the lady gang. Artist Abraham Perez has given the Internet world a beautiful piece of Golden Girls artistry. He tweeted a mashup he made of The Golden Girls (and Stan!) as Sailor Moon Sailor Scouts. That’s all of our favorite gals in anime form! Being made into anime action heroes might be the highest form of flattery that an anime fan can give, and it certainly emphasizes the relevancy of The Golden Girls.

This fantastic contribution to society is just one of basically millions. Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia are so fantastic and lovable, they have inspired people all over the world to create Golden Girls things. So. Many. Things. Things that no one actually needs, but because they are Golden Girls things, everyone needs them. Here’s proof that the Internet and its people absolutely love all things Golden Girls:

These Cookies 

It’s hard to go wrong with cookies, because cookies are delicious. Semi Sweet Designs went right with these rather attractive Golden Girls cookies. These are the first cookies I’ve ever seen with laugh lines, mascara and cheek bones to die for. They’re also the first cookies I’ve ever wanted to hang on my wall instead of eat. Just kidding, I’d definitely eat them.


It’s pretty remarkable that we survived our childhoods without this Golden Girls LEGO kitchen. It comes with a phone for Blanche (so she can call her dates, obviously), a purse for Sophia, a newspaper for Dorothy and Rose’s teddy bear, Fernando.

Cc: Fernando:

This Skirt

Betty White wearing this skirt would be the greatest inception to ever exist.

This Dollhouse

Someone on Etsy made this detailed dollhouse for the playing pleasure of all people who love dollhouses and The Golden Girls. The price tag is pretty hefty at $320, but you guys, it’s a Golden Girls dollhouse. You know what you need to do.

This Nail Art

Another creative Etsy user has made Golden Girls nail art. You can have the gang on the tips of your fingers (for 5 to 10 days)! The world (and our nails) is now a better place.

These Earrings 

For just $4.99 on Etsy, you can be the proud and fashionable owner of a pair of Rose earrings. Or if one of the other ladies is more your speed, you can also buy Sophia, Blanche and Dorothy.

This Ring

Because what good are Golden Girls earrings and nail art without a Golden Girls ring?!? It can be used as an engagement ring, which I highly encourage (could you imagine?), or just for regular every day ring usage.

This Light Switch Plate

If someone switched all of the light switch plates in my house to these, I wouldn’t be mad.

This Tattoo 

Now this is dedication. This girl’s legs will never not have The Golden Girls’ faces on them. Ever. She’s not the only one who has taken her love of The Golden Girls to a more permanent level. Check out some more tattoos that other #1 fans have gotten as a tribute to their (presumably) favorite TV show.

This Piece of Modern Art 

Selections from the Golden Girls Exhibit, Part II is a satirical glimpse at what it would look like if the world’s most influential modern artists took a stab at the ladies of The Golden Girls. See Part I: The Old Masters to see what the ladies would look like if they were painted 500 years ago.

These Wine Glasses

How much fun would a Golden Girls re-run viewing party be with 3 of your best friends and these wine glasses? It would be so fun, you guys.

This Onesie

Even babies can get in on The Golden Girls action. This adorable onesie is available on Amazon, but hurry, because THERE ARE ONLY 10 LEFT!

These Candles

Now you can pray tribute to Rose, Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia in the privacy of your own home. These majestic candles are pretty perfect, because our love for the Golden Girls is a light that will never go out. Awww.

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