The internet is losing it over this pool float that basically looks like a pad

For many of us, summertime means attending backyard barbecues, and if we’re lucky, there’s a pool on the premises for toe-dipping, swimming, and floating purposes. That said, we’re going out on a limb by declaring that absolutely no one wants a pool float that resembles a pad. Seriously. Period 101 decrees that pads and pools never go together, a fact that was clearly lost on the creators of this cringe-worthy design.

Now, we’ve recommended some rather impressive pool floats for summer 2017. Ya know, extraordinary ones that serve non-embarrassing purposes like keeping your glass of rosé nice and cold or those that perfectly compliment your swimwear.

Those, we can get with. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for this maxi pad pool float.

And neither can the internet, which is collectively horrified at (and making fun of) the wonky water accessory. That’s because it looks exactly like a gigantic panty liner. [/subheader]

WTF is even happening here?! Our minds are sufficiently blown as to how absolutely no one looked at this product during its developmental stages and said, “That’s one big ass pad. Back to the drawing board we go.”

Like many things that make their way online to die a fiery death, this unintentionally period-themed float is being rightfully roasted on the interwebz.

Sheesh, y’all. It’s not like we don’t love creative, well thought out period-themed products, but that doesn’t appear to be what they were aiming for in this situation (at least we hope not).