The internet is losing it over this majorly META Oreo flavor

At this point, it seems like the flavor creators at Oreo are working around the clock. Just this year alone, they’ve released flavors like strawberry shortcake, filled cupcake, fruity crisp, blueberry pie, and even Reese’s peanut butter cup. Now, they’ve gone above and beyond by bringing back fan-favorite flavor cookies & creme. false

To get an exclusive line of Oreos on their shelves, Walmart had consumers choose between flavors caramel apple, jelly donut, and (of course) cookies & creme. The latter flavor was released last year, but that didn’t stop voters from wanting a cookies & creme-flavored comeback. Thanks to their enthusiasm, in 2017, Walmart will exclusively be selling this flavor.

Though many are excited for the triumphant return of cookies & creme, others are confused because: Isn’t this treat essentially an Oreo-flavored Oreo? It’s like Oreo inception or worse… Oreo cannibalism.

The mixed bag of Twitter reactions: false false false false false

As for us, we don’t mind this meta Oreo moment one bit (as long as the cookies & creme flavor lives up to the hype, of course).

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