The Internet likes this fan-made “Ghostbusters” trailer better than the real one

On Thursday, the new Ghostbusters reboot finally released its first full-length trailer. The response was mixed, with the largest criticism focusing on Leslie Jones’s character being portrayed as a black stereotype. (To which Leslie Jones replied on Twitter, “If they made me a scientist you would be mad at what type of scientist. Seriously it’s a f–king movie get over yourself.”) Well, at least we know where she stands on the controversy.

One fan took matters into their own hands and released a self-made take on the trailer. Redditor AbrahamAshley, a self-identified filmmaker and editor, created the shorter (and some say better) version.

The biggest difference between this trailer and the real one is that the recut contains a lack of dialogue from nearly every main character. AbrahamAshley was going for a more “teaser” vibe — quick cuts and mere glimpses at many of the characters. You know, how trailers used to be before they gave away the entire plot.

“The only thing I added was the original song, original movie sound effects, a small light leak and a couple of sfx hits,” AbrahamAshley explained in a Reddit thread. “The concept was to show that it didn’t have to suck.”

Fellow Redditors are huge fans of the remake, and have taken to referring to it as the “fixed” version.On Reddit the link to the YouTube video currently has over 5,000 upvotes and counting. “This is 1000% better,” one commentor complimented. “My personal opinion with previews is that less is more.”

Many agree.

AbrahamAshley made the motivation behind making the changes clear in one of the discussion threads.

“I don’t really believe in this project,” AbrahamAshley explained. “I’m a hardcore Ghostbusters purist. I’m also a filmmaker and editor – so when I saw the trailer, I was so angry that it was so so so bad. I took the material that was given and tweaked it.”

I applaud AbrahamAshley’s productive use of their discontent. Rather than complaining, they went ahead and made something. Regardless of your thoughts on the film, I’m certain we can all agree that it this trailer is pretty darn awesome.

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