The internet is not happy with Chipotle’s new queso dip

It’s honestly kind of strange that we haven’t gotten a Chipotle queso dip until now. Happily, as of last week, our wait is over. But now that we’ve gotten our Chipotle queso dip, some queso fans are less than thrilled.

Back in July, we caught wind that queso was headed to our local Chipotles and the first images of the dip looked heavenly. For those of us who live and breathe cheese, this news was mildly life-changing.

But as soon as Chipotle released its queso last week, all hell broke loose on the internet. Shield your eyes, cheese-heads.


According to the Chipotle website, the chain’s queso is made with simmered milk and aged cheddar cheese. It’s then seasoned with jalapeños, tomatillos, and spices. Upon further investigation via the Chipotle website, the restaurant says that it also mixes cheese cultures — powdered good bacteria —  into said milk.

But according to Twitter, perhaps whoever is mixing the powder and the milk isn’t doing a good enough job.

On top of powdery queso, some batches look too thick and chunky to taste good.

As UPROXX pointed out, Chipotle has already dealt with its fair of share of PR trouble in recent years. After its 2016 E. coli outbreak, consumers have been reasonably wary and extra critical of the food coming out of their local Mexican Grills.

The disappointing queso — that costs customers extra to get — may not be doing the chain any favors.

Have you tried the new Chipotle queso? Tell us what you think, because now we’re very curious.