The internet has so very many thoughts on last night’s Oscars snafu

With all the years of practice the people behind the Academy Awards have had, we really didn’t anticipate the whole La La Land/Moonlight Oscars thing (although maybe we should be more surprised that after 89 years, something like this didn’t happen sooner).

In case you weren’t watching, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were given the wrong envelope when they presented the Best Picture winner, and La La Land was mistakenly announced instead of the correct winner — the fantastic Moonlight. OOPS! And the realization happened after the La La Land team had began to give their acceptance speeches. BIG OOPS.

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Naturally, the internet has many thoughts and feelings about this.


Sooooo anyway. Congratulations to Moonlight for winning Best Picture! FOR REAL.

As amusing as all of this is, let’s all remember that — despite all of today’s chatter and rehash— Moonlight won. And that’s the REAL story here. In case you haven’t seen it, the film is about the coming-of-age experience of a young, gay Black man in Miami, and the fact that it has been so widely recognized is a huge step forward for those who have been historically so underrepresented in film.

All in all, Moonlight won three Oscars last night (Best Actor in a supporting role for Mahershala Ali and Best Adapted Screenplay as well), and we’re cheering.

via giphyAnd if you haven’t seen either movie, they’re definitely worth checking out — along with the rest of the nominated films. It’s truly been a great year for movies.

Phew. That was one of the more exhausting Oscars we’ve ever seen, and we’re just glad everyone survived.