The internet got all kinds of nostalgic about Leslie Knope after Hillary Clinton’s nomination

After Hillary Clinton’s historic nomination this week, a lot of people couldn’t help but imagine what Leslie Knope, the hilariously eager political changemaker played by Amy Poehler in the beloved Parks and Recreation, would be feeling right now.

The connections between Knope and Hillary Clinton are obvious — both are women who have dedicated their lives to advancing in politics despite the ruthless sexism they encounter along the way. And Knope, who has a picture of Hillary Clinton hanging in her office, also cleverly referenced Hillary as a role model all the time:

“That’s why people respect Hillary Clinton so much. Cause nobody takes a punch like her. She’s the strongest, smartest punching bag in the world.”


“Yesterday I was tough and direct; today I have to be charming. Basically, yesterday I was Hillary Clinton and today I am Bill.”


People are even tweeting their hope that Knope’s vision of Hillary will be the person who takes office.


This is definitely what would be happening if only Leslie and Ben were still in our lives.

Those who are critical or disappointed in Hillary are even using Leslie Knope’s ardent love for the candidate to introduce their arguments.


Others would prefer Knope 2016.

Some have noticed eerie parallels between Parks & Rec season four and our current reality.

But mostly, people just reaaallllyy wanna know how hard Leslie Knope is fangirling over this historic moment.


An article published by Vox yesterday even outlined how the Democratic party is rebranding Hillary Clinton to be more like the worshiped and adored Leslie Knope.

Mike Schur, co-creator of the hugely missed sitcom, said Amy Poehler is aware of all the love Leslie Knope is getting on social media.

Schur told AdWeek:

“I was texting with Amy a little bit and was like, ‘Look at this! It’s very nice!’ It’s very flattering that people still think of her when things like that happen… It’s very lovely and flattering when events happen in the nation and then people tweet out gifs of Leslie. And this event in particular—actually nominating a woman for the first time, a mere 240 years after it was technically possible—seeing all the Leslie Knope gifs was very heartwarming.”


But would Leslie Knope ever be revived to actually respond to Hillary Clinton’s nomination?!

Schur continued, “I would be up for anything… But I feel like those decisions are Amy’s. It is her character, and I don’t want to pimp her out.”

While we can’t yet depend on the return of Leslie Knope, nor can we actually hope for a Leslie Knope presidency, we can watch this cute video from the Hillary Clinton campaign instead: