The internet has gone nuts over this pic of Gendry possibly filming for “Game of Thrones”

Warning! This post may contain spoilers if you’re not caught caught up and possibly Season 7 spoilers!

Then again, it may not. We’re honestly not really sure how to feel about this news.


If there’s one thing Game of Thrones fans are in agreement on at the moment, it’s that the beloved Gendry is due for a comeback. Since the last Baratheon (technically half-Baratheon but it still counts) didn’t return in Season 6, lots of people were starting to seriously wonder where he had gotten to. And while there were lots of very entertaining theories, nobody really knew for sure and just assumed he’s been rowing his little boat for the past three seasons.

Some recently theorized that he might be in The Upside Down thanks to a glorious meeting with Millie Bobby Brown (aka Eleven). false

But thanks to the power of social media, we may actually have some clues about a possible return.

Somebody snapped a picture of the actor who plays Gendry, Joe Dempsie, at the Belfast airport.


Some people are even giving the actor the perfect travel accessory based on what his character has been up to this whole time.

Others are (understandably) losing their mind with happy excitement for seeing Gendry back in action.

Even the Twitter accounts dedicated to the famous lost rower are getting in on the excitement.

While other characters are saying what’s on everyone’s mind.

Just the *thought* of a Gendry return is enough to make people this excited, so imagine how mind-blowing it might be to see him (and Arya) share the screen once again.

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