The internet is going insane for these new E.L.F. Cosmetics brushes

If you’re not familiar with e.l.f., allow me to bless you. This affordable line has some GEMS with almost everything under 10 buckaroos.

Their blushes, highlighters, and lip colors are popular dupes, but honestly, their brushes are pretty slept on. I have e.l.f. brushes that have lasted for years and with gentle cleansing I could probably get them to last even longer. The only downside is that the black handles start to look pretty awful.

After an exclusive bloggers-only e.l.f. event in San Francisco, images of their new brush collection started to leak on social media. Everyone started to lose their damn minds and rightfully so! NO BLACK HANDLES! COOL CLEAR HANDLES!

As it turns out e.l.f.’s new brushes got a lot more than an aesthetic upgrade. The cool clear handles are actually a patent-pending design created to fit your hand perfectly for the best application ever. They’re also vegan and cruelty-free.

According to Cosmo, the 9-piece set includes different brushes for eyeshadow, powder, sculpting, and more, ranging from $5 to $12.

Here’s the tea, the brushes won’t be released until October but if you’re lucky enough to have an an e.l.f. boutique in your area, I’d scope one out and see if they’ll be trickling into stores before the online release. In the meantime, grab a few of their other brushes and remember to clean them very gently if you want them to last. I run mine under warm water and rub them against a bar of antibacterial soap, works like a charm.