The Internet is going crazy over this newborn with full-grown hair

Most babies are born bald or with just a few light tufts of hair, but one baby out there was born with such a thick mane that she’s got the whole Internet talking about it. Two-and-a-half-month Isabelle Kaplan is the proud owner of some highly coveted baby hair, and her parents don’t mind her new Internet-celeb status one bit.


It all started when Baby Izzy’s mom, Mackenzie, posted a photo of herself with her adorable babe on social media. Turns out her cousin wound up posting a pic of the pair to Reddit, where it, of course, went viral immediately. People quickly began posting and sharing and even creating memes of the well-coiffed newborn — all in good fun, of course. The original image now has more than 3 million views on Imgur alone, not counting the pics of Baby Izzy that are circulating Facebook and Instagram.

Now, while some folks are making jokes about this cutie pie resembling a news anchor, can you imagine what her hair is going to look like when she’s older? Not only will she (probably) never need to deal with fine hair, she’s going to be through the moon rocking those epic locks for sure.

And not to be outdone, here’s another baby that’s looking to attain a bit of fame with her tresses as well. Because, why not.

Too cute.