The internet cannot figure out if there’s a giraffe in this video, so you tell us

One question answered; another arises. Leave it to the internet to jump on a small but confusing detail in a social media post, and milk it for every ounce of entertainment factor. And what’s more entertaining than a galloping giraffe?

This father-to-be got quite the surprise after participating in a gender reveal party game. In a video posted to Twitter by Gender Reveals, a man hits a golf ball that explodes into a blue cloud. The man takes off running – and so does … a giraffe?

Some strange looking creature darts across the lawn as the dad runs his victory lap.


But from the angle and the distance, it’s really hard to tell.

Could be an alpaca.

Or a dude in a T-Rex costume.

Or Big Foot?

Others pointed that it’s just a guy with a golf bag on his back.


But, no, come on! GIRAFFES OR BUST!

Which, does lead one to wonder…


So now we’ve watched it at least two dozen times. The man-with-a-golf-bag theory holds up under scrutiny. But the way the golf bag tips with each step sure does give the figure the gait of a running giraffe. Like the blue dress/gold dress phenomenon, it might just be a giraffe, if your eyes happen to see it that way.