Twitter is freaking out over pictures of Rihanna kissing a guy in Spain

We’re always looking for something to celebrate. Today, we’re toasting Rihanna and her beach fun! The singer was spotted enjoying her vacation time in Spain this weekend, and she wasn’t alone. The internet got its hands on photos of Rihanna kissing a myster man poolside and is throwing her a virtual bash!

That’s right the hashtag  #RihannaHasAManParty is officially trending on Twitter, and we’re 100% here for it.

The party is a potluck, so please bring a funny GIF that the rest of us can enjoy. false

We’d also appreciate if you could wear your favorite piece of Fenty or a Rihanna-themed ensemble. false false

To keep things civil, we did shoot an e-vite to Drake. But we’re not sure if he’ll RSVP…


This is about to be the party of the century, so arrive early and stay as late as you desire. We’re thinking the event will go until — well, at least throughout the duration of Rihanna’s new relationship. So, we could be here a while!

If you’d like to bring RiRi a gift, she loves diamonds, slide sandals, and bikinis for future vacations. You can also make a donation to her Clara Lionel Foundation, which aims to end inequality, poverty, injustice, and to bring education and health rights to everyone. false

We’re incredibly happy that Rihanna’s is enjoying herself while on vacay — however she decides to go about it.

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