The internet is freaking out over this mystery sea creature that just washed ashore

The ocean is a vast, mysterious place. And the gigantic unidentifiable sea creature that washed up on the shores of Indonesia proves just how puzzling it is.

Earlier this week, locals from Seram Island in Indonesia reported what appeared to be a large decaying carcass on the beach. It was first seen on Tuesday evening, floating among bloodied water, according to the Jakarta Globe. Resident Arsul Tuanakota mistook it just an abandoned ship before taking a closer look and discovering it was unlike anything he had ever seen before.

Take a look.

Freaky, right?

It’s estimated it had been dead for several days before Tuanakota found it, and locals requested government assistance to remove the decaying creature from the beach.

Though some news reports are claiming it’s a giant squid, others say it was in fact a sperm whale. A man known as Nasrun, an official from the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, said based on the visible features in its state of decay, it’s easy to mistake it for a squid. Let’s just say his description is less than appetizing.

“With sperm whales, when they decay, the intestines will come out through the bottom of the throat, which is striped like a pumpkin, and they become curved,” Nasrun said.

Once the internet caught wind of the creature, Twitter users lost their minds and offered theories as to what it is.

After looking at the pictures, we’re pretty much on the same page.


Definitely has kraken potential.

The return of the dinosaurs.

Or it could be something otherworldly altogether.

We’ll stay tuned for more conclusive reports. In the meantime, we may think twice about our next beach trip.