The internet is having a field day with this rumor that Rihanna heckled NBA player Kevin Durant

Game 1 of the NBA Finals had all the ingredients to create a spectacular showdown. A battle of the greats — the greatest player, LeBron James vs. the greatest team, the Golden State Warriors. However, in lieu of a grand showdown, we got a (possibly invented) celebrity feud: It appeared that Rihanna heckled Warriors player Kevin Durant while he was shooting a free throw, and the internet, of course, absolutely lost it.

The Warriors took the game with a 113-91 win led by Durant’s 38-8-8 (basketball-speak for playing really, really well). But all eyes were on the superstar and noted LeBron James fan Rihanna, as she strolled in a few minutes late, completely shifting commentator Jeff Van Gundy’s focus.

And we get it, she is Rihanna, after all.

Judging by the video clips posted, as the game went on, it seemed that Rihanna started heckling Durant. Because what else was there to do when Durant was almost single-handedly destroying the Cavs, and RiRi’s beloved King James?

In the first part of the clip below, you can hear someone yelling “Brick!” before Durant shot his free throw, and see the player staring them down afterwards.

The internet quickly assumed the heckler was Rihanna, and the reactions were amazing!

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It was later reported that the heckling likely came from RiRi’s assistant, who was sitting right next to her — which squashes the rumored beef but doesn’t take away from the hilarity of it all.

And despite the loss, Rihanna, who has time and time again expressed her King James obsession, stood behind her favorite player after the game. false

During the after-game interviews, a reporter questioned Durant about his interaction with Rihanna, to which he responded, “I don’t even remember that.”

So maybe the internet took things a little too far this time, but it was a pretty entertaining and hilarious ride.

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