The internet is having a field day now that Obama is an “Instagram husband”

Since recently leaving his former position as President of the United States, it looks like Barack Obama has picked up a part-time job. Yes, it’s confirmed that Obama is now an “Instagram husband.” Former First Lady Michelle Obama is obviously the one responsible for her husband’s career change and we, alongside the rest of the internet, are losing our ~you know what~.

Twitter user Madeline Hill tweeted out a photo of the former president and first lady, which taken while the Obamas vacationed in French Polynesia off the Island of Moorea last week. We can see Michelle in a classic “resting my hand on the railing” pose while Barack fulfills his duty as an Instagram husband.

The term Instagram husband stems from a short film by Jeff Houghton. As the hilarious short film explains, being an Instagram husband entails making a wife look great in all her Instagram photos. It’s basically like being “a human selfie stick.”

Should we send this vid to Barack to make sure he knows what he’s getting himself into?

Madeline Hill’s tweet went viral and several news outlets picked up on Barack’s new title. We wonder if he’s giving Michelle direction while shooting her photos.

“Act candid!” “Look out to sea!” “Loving that casual hand-on-railing pose, honey.”

But knowing how gracious and caring Barack Obama is, we know that he’s being the most supportive Instagram husband ever.

Now the real question is, how much longer do we have to wait until we get to see these Obama vacation pics on our Instagram feeds? Obamas, we miss you!

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