The Internet is enthralled by this Apple computer turning on for the first time in 20 years

There’s vintage and then there’s vintage, and this old Apple IIc is pretty much as retro as it gets, which is why it’s so fascinating to watch it turn back on for the first time in 20 years. User Quinn Dunki used to play Gemstone Warrior on the old machine back when it was still in vogue, but decided she wanted one last chance to experience the nostalgia.

Using 30-year-old parts found in her mother’s basement, combined with some more modern pieces, she was able to bring the machine back from the dead and play the game she loved so much. “That handful of magnetic bits survived 30 years in my mom’s basement, ready to come back and remind me how much I liked this game,” she wrote in a blog post, where she also explained in detail how she managed to pull this off.

The most magical part isn’t in the engineering (although that’s pretty impressive), but in the feeling we get when we watch such old memories come back to life. While creating this moment involved cords and buttons and electrical wires, the results of Quinn’s efforts were all heart.

Watch the amazing moment below!

(Image via YouTube)