The internet is genuinely confused by this woman’s commuting computer setup

There are plenty of benefits to commuting to work by train. Aside from saving on gas and bypassing the frustration of heavy traffic, you have your hands free to actually get some work done. Most people bring along their laptops or iPads, but one woman brought a pretty unusual commuting setup: a giant iMac and keyboard.

David Hill, a fellow passenger on the train, spotted the woman sitting at her train office (something we didn’t know was a thing until now), and took a picture to ask Twitter why this was happening. He was confused, and we understand why.

Here’s the setup:

It’s very possible the woman just doesn’t mind lugging around her entire computer and keyboard — in which case, get it done, girl. Or she may not own a laptop, so she brings her computer, because she’s a very busy business woman, and every minute counts. There are so many possibilities.

But of course, when you ask Twitter a question, Twitter answers. And many people were just as confused as Hill.

And others have seen way worse (and by worse, we mean a lot more confusing).

But for the most part, people seem to be very supportive of the woman’s decision to set up an office on the train. And some have even considered doing the same themselves.


The woman seems very dedicated to getting work done, and that’s great. But we definitely can’t imagine carrying around an iMac while commuting. But hey, you do what you gotta do sometimes.

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