The internet is confused by this new “Harry Potter” Instagram

So! There’s a new Harry Potter-related Instagram  account that just says “Follow the Spiders. Secrets will be revealed on 27th January, 2017” with NO OTHER INFORMATION and, unsurprisingly, the internet is losing its GD mind.

On Friday, the Twitter account for the official Warner Bros. Studio Tour London — which offers tours of the set where all of the Harry Potter movies were filmed — shared a link to the new @FollowTheSpiders Instagram page saying only, “Looking for something? All you need to do is #FollowTheSpiders.”

Not fair, you guys.

For anyone who’s not an obsessive Harry Potter fan, “follow the spiders” is a quote from Hogwarts’ groundskeeper Hagrid. He gave the instruction to Harry in J.K. Rowling’s second Harry Potter book, The Chamber of Secrets, sending Harry and Ron into the Forbidden Forest to meet the terrifying spider Aragog and receive some critical information.

On social media, some HP fans are wondering whether the new Instagram account could be an indication that a Forbidden Forest attraction will soon be opened at the Warner Bros. Studio, or added to one (or more!) of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter attractions around the world.

To that we say: AHHH! YES PLEASE! false

Others, though, are just straight up stressed out/excited AF about whatever news is to come.


We’re with you, fam.

While we wait anxiously for Friday to arrive, we can say for sure that Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida is set to host the “A Celebration of Harry Potter” event from January 27th to 29th. So that could, as Seventeen reports, be when the ~big announcement~ about Follow the Spiders is made, but we won’t know more until later this week.

In the meantime, we’ll be re-watching all the Harry Potter movies while the weather is gloomy!

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