The internet is full-on fighting over the color of these sneakers

The internet is currently arguing over a pair of sneakers. Now, if you are a participating member of The World Wide Web, it’s likely that you’re immediately recalling the Great Debate of 2015, which occurred when people argued over whether a certain dress was blue and black, or white and gold. (We’re sorry if this brings up bad memories for you.)

Scientists have proven that these types of discrepancies arise because people perceive color within the context that they’re perceiving the lighting itself. In other words, in the face of such uncertainty, people make assumptions based on what they’ve observed in the past. And since we all have different experiences that involve us observing different things, that leads us to reach different conclusions. Hence, the debate!

But science aside, it’s still fun to argue over what your own brain is telling you you’re seeing.

Here are the sneakers causing the current internet-based debate:


And here are some of the many reactions:

Some were Team WTF.


Some were Team Teal.

Others were Team Pink.


And others were Team Logic.

And of course, many were Team We Are Losing Our Minds:


Well, guys, it has certainly been quite the week.

What do you see? Do you think this is internet-breaking worthy? Or, do you see “internet debate” and immediately want to hide under the covers and ignore all of humanity? Whichever it is, you’re certainly not alone.