The internet is collectively crying for this pug longing for his owner at Starbucks

You might want to keep a dog treat handy, because after you’ve seen this lonely pug at Starbucks, you’ll want to give your own furry friend some extra love.

Reddit user Mograph_Artist shared a snap yesterday of a pug waiting for its owner outside of a Starbucks, and the internet immediately lost its mind — for good reason. The adorably love-sick pup seems to have its wrinkly little face pressed up against the shop window — or is at least resting its chin on a ledge outside — looking longingly on as its owner grabs their morning coffee.

Now that is a lonely Starbucks lover if we’ve ever seen one.

On Reddit, plenty of users were bemoaning this pup’s sad little face and wishing they could give it a few cuddles.






Others saw the opportunity to make endless pug puns — and they went for it.




While the pug was probably out there alone for just a few minutes, it’s clear that it loves its owner so much those minutes felt like hours.

Here’s hoping this little cutie got a cookie and and a hug for its good behavior!