People can’t handle what this woman did to her Fenty lipsticks

Since its debut last fall, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty makeup line has become wildly popular among fans and beauty bloggers alike who praise the line for its inclusivity and top-notch quality. But Fenty’s very own global makeup artist Priscilla Ono recently incited internet panic while creating a makeup palette.

In a post on her Instagram page from January 15th, Ono showed off how she condensed her Fenty lipsticks, “palletizing” them for convenience. And while this is actually an incredibly common practice among makeup artists and makes life way easier if you own a lot of products, many of her followers saw the pic and freaked out, assuming she was destroying precious Fenty makeup.

And to be fair, many of the comments were positive (like the person who asked Ono where she got the clear container, and others saying the shades look “beautiful”). But some commenters were just not here for it.

On the positive side, one person wrote, “I have never seen this before. I’m very intrigued,” while another called it “mesmerizing.”

However, one person wrote, "Can’t even pretend like this doesn’t piss me off." Someone else added, "This really hurt me idk why."

One user simply wrote, “Whyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!????”

And in the strongest reaction of all, one commenter declared, “This just hurt my soul. You need to be arrested.”

Ouch. But also, LOL.

Let’s all remember: When it comes to makeup, to each their own. Plus, Ono has worked with Queen Rih for years, so worry not, Fenty fans. Those lipsticks are in good hands.

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