15 items that will help you get your International Yoga Day on

Happy International Yoga Day! We’re so glad there’s an entire day — June 21st — dedicated to the practice of yoga. There’s always a reason to do more yoga; it never fails to make us feel more calm, balanced, focused, and flexible. Not to mention the numerous health benefits the practice brings.

Starting or ending your day with a yoga class, or even a quick flow, is an instant mood-booster. And these days, there are even more ways to get your yoga on. You can live-stream interactive classes, watch free videos on YouTube, or go to community yoga events in public spaces. Wherever you are, it’s easy to take a few minutes and celebrate International Yoga Day today.

Whether you like to work up a sweat during hot yoga or you’re more of the “namastay in bed” type, International Yoga Day is cause for celebration. In addition to the many mental and physical benefits of yoga, there’s also another perk — wearing a comfortable, fashionable wardrobe. And let’s be real: Even if you don’t end up going to yoga class or practicing any poses at home today, these tanks, sports bras, leggings, and accessories are still perfect for lounging around in. Long live athleisure.

1Fabletics Carine Tank, $34.95


Light, airy, and chic — and can totally keep up with your Vinyasa flow.

2Torrid “Hustle” Tank, $34.90


No yoga wardrobe is complete without a tank that tells it like it is.

3ASOS Onzie Elevate Bra in Black, $54


Ah, the mullet of sports bras: business in the front, party in the back.

4Target Color Block Sports Bra in Blue, $24.99


This sports bra is serving the blues in the best way possible.

5Outdoor Voices 7/8 Springs Leggings in Lake/Dove/Rose Quartz, $85


Can’t decide what color yoga pants to buy? You don’t have to choose with this stylish colorblocked look.

6Flexi Lexi Parrots of Paradise Flexi Yoga Pants, $89


Or, if you like to go BIG with your International Yoga Day attire, these tropical yoga pants will instantly brighten your mood and make for a great workout.

7Athleta Criss Cross Sweatshirt in Ballerina Gown, $69


Yes, millennial pink is still in style. And yes, it somehow goes with everything in your yoga bag.

8Incline Fit Printed Premium Yoga Mat in Geometric, $29.99


And of course, on International Yoga Day, you can’t forget a yoga mat. We love the designs at Inclined Fit — and their price tags.

9Manduka David Allen eQua Mat, $150


No, this isn’t a painting. It’s a yoga mat. Designed by mastectomy tattoo artist David Allen, a portion of the proceeds for this beauty will go to Susan G. Komen to support breast cancer research.

10Of a Kind Layla Grip Socks in Red and Oatmeal, from $14


If you’re a fan of yoga socks, we think you’ll get stuck on this patterned pair. (Get it?)

11Krochet Kids The Willa Headband, $15


Because aren’t you tired of your bangs falling in your face while you’re practicing your downward dog?

12Dormify Happy Hour Sports Bottle, $20


Finally, a water bottle that’s as stoked about yoga as you are.

13Shandali Yoga Towels, $27.99


Yoga towels are not your average bath towel. They’re designed to fit on top of your yoga mat to give you extra grip where you need it most. No slipping during downward dog here.

14ban.do Work It Out Gym Bag in Boogie Daze, $35


Celebrate International Yoga Day and Pride Month in one.

15ESYM Yoga Mat Spray, $18


End your yoga class with a spritz of something sweet. Choose from scents like Jasmine, Sandalwood, and Parisian Morning.

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