Celebrate International Women’s Day with these 19 tees that will speak to your feminist heart

Are you feeling a special extra dose of power brewing in your bones? That’s probably because  March 8th marks International Women’s Day, and the spirit of celebrating women is here. Not only does International Women’s Day provide a much overdue opportunity to shout-out all the influential ladies in our lives, but it also gives us a ton of different ways to celebrate.

Since the day is dedicated to appreciating women in all of the possible ways, treating yourself to a cute (and feminist AF) T-shirt completely counts as a celebration of the holiday. Naturally, we found shirts made by women-owned companies or that will speak to your feminist heart for your International Women’s Day shopping endeavors.

One brand, in particular, is highlighting women for the entire month of March, which we can so get behind. We’re talking about ModCloth — the brand is not only selling empowering tees, but they’re celebrating female vendors and female-owned brands on social media. If you want to join their movement, from now until March 8th, you can share the hashtag #WhatSheSaidMonth or #ModClothSweeps to enter in the running for two $100 gift cards (one for you and your BFF).

The brand is pushing things even further with its other contest. If you use the hashtag #ModClothGivingContest, you can nominate a female friend, activist, or entrepreneur for a chance to get a $4,500 grant toward their cause as well as five hours of business coaching from #TeamModCloth. Pretty neat, right? And ModCloth has plenty of feminist tees for your perusal.

So whether you’re looking to stock up on shirts for spring or you’re in the market for a new statement piece, there are plenty of options for you. Please, pour yourself a drink, kick back in a comfy chair, and take a moment to celebrate yourself this International Women’s Day.

1Jenzeano Designs Viva La Mujer Que Lucha, $30


First of all, this tee has the brightest and best color combination. Second of all, the message is celebrating the spirit of women “who fight!” Thirdly, this is a Latinx female-owned business, so your dollars are directly supporting female entrepreneurs.

2Feminist Apparel Girls Just Wanna Have Fundamental Human Rights, $29.95


We all know this is what Cyndi Lauper was truly hinting at. Per the website name, Feminist Apparel is a fabulous shopping stop for anyone looking to wear T-shirts that pack a punch.

3Valfré Girls Fight Back Baby Tee, $42


The message is simple but clear, which we dig.

4Bella Dona Ni Santas Limited Vday, $32


As the shirt says, we aren’t saints or sluts, we’re just WOMEN.

5ModCloth She Eye to Eye Graphic Tee in White, $29


ModCloth is THE place to shop this month, as we previously mentioned.

6Feminist Apparel Pizza Rolls Not Gender Roles, $29.95


Who among us can argue with this progressive pizza-based proposition?!

7ModCloth Message of Might Graphic Tee, $25


Where is the lie, though?

8Urban Outfitters Femme Tee, $29


Embrace your femme fatale side on International Women’s Day with this sporty tee.

9Shrill Society Nasty Woman T-shirt, $25


It doesn’t have to be election season for us to celebrate our nasty womanhood.

10ModCloth Worship Womanhood Graphic Tee, $35


If all goes as planned, this shirt will cause passersby to bow down when they’re in your presence.

11Wildfang Wild Feminist Embroidered Tee, $24


This tells all your new friends and acquaintances everything they’ll need to know about you.

12It’s My Body It’s My Choice White Tank, $34


This design is brilliant, and it speaks for itself. Plus, your purchase supports after-care programs and provides growth opportunities for survivors of sexual exploitation.

13Feminist Apparel If It Isn’t Intersectional It Isn’t Feminism, $29.95


This illustration is gorgeous and the message is beyond true.

14Look Human Feminism Definition T-shirt, $23.99


Sometimes the best way to celebrate your womanhood is by breaking down some basic facts for people.

15Feminist Apparel Be The Leslie Knope of Whatever You Do, $29.95


If there’s a fictional character who would support you during International Women’s Day, it’s  Leslie Knope.

16ModCloth The Future Is Feline Raglan Graphic T-Shirt, $24.99


Female, feline, is there really any difference for the cat lovers among us?!

17Spreadshirt Finger Woman T-shirt, $25.99


Being a woman isn’t easy, sometimes the best way to celebrate ourselves is to stick it to the jerks.

18Feminist Apparel Intersectional Rosie T-Shirt, $29.95


The perfect gift for yourself and all your feminist friends.

19Lively The Confidence Tee, $25


On top of being cute, 100% of the proceeds from this shirt go toward Support The Girls, which donates menstrual products and bras to homeless women.

Whether you treat yourself to a new T-shirt or not, we hope you have an incredible International Women’s Day.