Musicians in 12 countries e-collaborated to make a seamless international track

What do you get when you combine 24 musicians from all around the world, bare bones instrumental and vocal parts, and the Internet? The answer: An international mix that showcases the full power of digital collaboration.

Israeli musician Kutiman hatched the idea and has been creating collab mixes with online contributors for years. But for his latest video, he teamed up with the skill-sourcing website Fiverr to recruit everyone from your usual singers, guitarists, and drummers to violin, flute, saxophone, tambourine, cello, and tabla players. It’s basically his biggest, baddest, most international mix yet.

To add more variety to the mix, the musicians are from all around the world: The United States, United Kingdom, Belarus, Germany, Bulgaria, the British Virgin Islands, Poland, Sweden, Netherlands, Australia, Argentina, and Spain, specifically. That means there are a lot of sounds and influences at play here — in the total best way.

While Kutiman wrote the song, a space romance titled “Intergalactic Lovers” (no one tell Kid Cudi), these recruited musicians put their individual skills to use and recorded videos of their specific parts — remember, none of them were together when this all went down. All put together, the result is a totally seamless song, with a uniform look and feel that bely its Internet-enabled origins. And the best part is — it’s actually really good. Listen for yourself below:

(h/t Laughing Squid)