Apparently, searches for International Men’s Day spike on International Women’s Day, and our eyes can’t roll any harder

Today is March 8th, which means it’s officially International Women’s Day. It’s a day to celebrate the achievements of women past, present, and future, a day to make our voices heard, and a day to assess all the work that still must be done. But first and foremost, it’s a day to stand in awe of WOMEN.

And yet, we’re not surprised to learn that searches for “International Men’s Day” surge on and around March 8th every year. Yep. Mashable writer Marcus Gilmer fact-checked the claim made by a reddit user by checking Google Analytics (basically, a handy dandy tool that allows you to see what search terms are trending by date and time).

And sure enough, people suddenly want to know if there’s a day specifically designed for celebrating men — on the one day we have to celebrate women. (And, for the record, there is an International Men’s Day on November 19th, and no, people don’t suddenly start searching for International Women’s Day at that time..

While we can’t ever know for sure exactly why so many people search for a day celebrating men on a day meant for celebrating women, we’d wager a guess that at least some of that search traffic comes from irate men wondering if there’s a day for them, too (but again, that’s only a guess).

This is as good a time as any to remind those people that — despite immense progress — women continue to be marginalized, underpaid, and harassed in our society on literally a daily basis. The gender pay gap is real, our reproductive rights are still up for debate, and violence against women continues to plague many homes.

So maybe allow women a single day to celebrate their power and worth — because let’s be real, it’s International Men’s Day every other day.

Now excuse us while we go back to geeking out over all the world’s badass ladies today!