12 International Day of Happiness quotes that will bring some much-needed joy to your Instagram

It’s been a long winter, but with spring just around the corner, we’re totally ready to turn our frowns upside down. We can’t wait for International Day of Happiness (aka Tuesday, March 20th) because happiness is totally worth celebrating. We’ve rounded up our favorite International Day of Happiness quotes to bring a little joy to your life — and your Instagram feed, of course. Feel free to post one (or three) to your Instagram and spread the love!

The United Nations started celebrating an International Day of Happiness in 2013 to recognize the importance of simply being happy. Honestly, it’s a message we can definitely get behind. It’s part of the U.N.’s initiative to use sustainable development to create a better world for everyone on the planet. The organization has set 17 goals — everything from ending poverty to eliminating hunger — because it believes (and we agree) that these things help make *everyone* happy. Bonus? Happiness actually helps you live longer!

The U.N. even created the “Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World,” which includes ways we can all contribute to a better world. (And yes, you can participate from your couch.)

While you embrace your true superhero self, remember to take a moment and smile. We happen to think you’re pretty badass, which is why we hope these International Day of Happiness quotes inspire you like they did us.

1. Remember to focus on your priorities:

2. Happiness isn’t always easy. Sometimes we have to work for it, but it’s *totally* worth it:

3. The world can get overwhelming, but love definitely wins:

4. This quote reminds us that perspective is literally everything:

5. It’s 100% okay to put your own mental health and wellness first:

6. This is such a wonderful reminder to be grateful for the things we have:

7. Even when you’re feeling blue, it’s important to remember you can do it:

8. Truer words have never been spoken:

9. Happiness can be found where you least expect it:

10. How happy you are is up to you:

11. Be a shark:

12. ‘Nuff said:

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The world can totally drag us down sometimes, but we hope these International Day of Happiness quotes can help put a smile on your face. Let’s all choose happiness!