The internal organ swimsuit is freaky, weird and wonderful

Did you ever watch Slim Goodbody as a kid and get jealous of his colorful, organ-painted bodysuit? Have you ever found yourself in a doctor’s office wishing you could steal the illustrated anatomy poster hanging up on the wall? If you’ve answered yes to one or both of those queries, prepare yourself. This might be the bathing suit of your dreams.

Via Buzzfeed, this digitally-printed, one-piece “DEM Guts” swimsuit is just $8.84. Yes, a cool-looking, sort of creepy bathing suit can be yours for the price of a burrito from Chipotle (with guac). And hey, if you want to go all-out with the anatomically correct theme, you can get this muscle man beach towel, too.

Dem Guts swimsuit, $8.84

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