Interior decoration porn for anyone obsessed with all-white apartments

Heaven is just an immaculately decorated home with all-white furnishings.

Imagine working from home in THIS. Do you know how much more productive you’d be if your home-office didn’t have all that annoying color?

There is just something about mostly white workspaces that just, inspire.

Or if you had this #allwhite reading nook (and this view, tbh).

Apartment Therapy says to load all-white rooms up on stuff, so your place doesn’t look like a portrait studio. Succulents and all-white aesthetics were MADE for each other.


They also said to work with texture, like this canopy around the bed, or a textured rug.

Goals upon goals upon goals.

Sooo romantic!

Uggh, how perfect. Even the cat matches the house. says an all-white decor can serve to highlight one piece of furniture, like a piece or art or a plant.

The great things about all-white homes are that they are versatile all year round.

White is also super easy to accent with wood/metal/granite and other finishes.

Even though white kitchen’s get messier, they just want to make you bust open the windows and bake a pie!

So many house goals, so little time. Le sigh.

UGH, all of it!

Brb, dreaming of having an all-white apartment while laying in this all-white bedroom.

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