These are the most interesting professions from the newest “Bachelor” contestants and wow, it’s going to be an intriguing season

It’s here: the day has finally come when The Bachelor contestants are revealed! Bachelor Nation rejoice, because the Season 21 contestants have been announced and there are some very exciting new prospects for Nick Viall.

After reading through all of the bios that ABC released on Wednesday, we’ve discovered the most interesting professions from the newest Bachelor contestants, and trust us when we say it’s going to be an intriguing season.

The Bachelor returns to ABC and takes over our Monday nights, complete with wine (Bachelor wine to be specific), yoga pants, and lots of sassy commentary on January 2nd, 2017 and we can’t wait. Luckily, until the new season premieres, we can look at all the ladies Viall has coming his way and of course see what they do for a living.

In fact, we’ve rounded up the quirkiest and most interesting professions from Season 21 below, for your enjoyment.

Alexis, 23

First up is Alexis, who is totally adorable, and her job — or ideal job — is pretty cute, it’s random, but cute. Alexis is an “aspiring dolphin trainer,” according to her profile. Not an actual dolphin trainer, which would be SO cool, but an aspiring one. Fun fact, she’s most afraid of E.T. the alien.


Astrid, 26

Okay, Astrid is a plastic surgery office manager, which isn’t odd, or really that interesting, but when asked what animal she’d want to be the answer was too good not to share. “Dolphin, so I could rescue lost sailors and swim in the ocean doing tricks,” she said. What? Save lost sailors? This is so random.


Elizabeth “Liz,” 29

Liz is a Doula, which you don’t hear very often. It’s an intense job, takes lots of skill and very outside the box. In fact, she even helped deliver her sister’s baby. “Helping my sister birth my niece, Grace. I got to be her doula and cut her umbilical cord,” she said about her greatest achievement in life. Very interesting!


Jasmine G., 29

Put this in the “does that really pay the bills?” job category — Jasmine G. is a pro basketball dancer. She lives in San Fransisco, so we’re guessing it’s for the Golden State Warriors?!


Josephine, 24

Alright, she’s only 24, so maybe this job title is because she just finished nursing school and then landed on The Bachelor, but Josephine is an “unemployed nurse.” So, technically she is jobless, right?


Michelle, 24

This might be our favorite, because it’s actually really cool. Michelle is a “food truck owner,” but we have no clue which one. We need to know, now! She is located in Los Angeles, so maybe all you foodies have a guess.


PS: Whether it’s wanting to be a dolphin trainer, or their favorite animal is a dolphin, there is a LOT of dolphin talk in these bios, and we don’t really know what to make of it.

Check out more from all 30 contestants, including the normal careers, on ABC’s Bachelor page now.

Don’t forget to tune in when The Bachelor returns on January 2nd and the first roses are handed out.

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