Deliciously Weird Ice Cream Flavors That Actually Exist

Frozen yogurt has been dominating the cold treat empire for the last several years, and I totally get why. You get to usually choose your own serving size, sprinkle generous spoonfuls of fruit  gummy bears and cookie dough on top, there a million flavors (except at Pink Berry, who are all like, “we are into minimalism”), and just the thought of eating yogurt for dessert seems absurdly healthy. Also, you get to say, “FroYo” which either drives people insane, or makes you seem endearing. HOWEVER. I believe ice cream is slowly, but surely making a comeback. Yay!

Mmm. Cold, creamy, decadent ice cream. The kind of ice cream we devoured with glee as kids. But better, because lately, ice cream is NOT messing around. Vanilla? Chocolate? Please. Those flavors are for amateurs. If you stroll down any frozen aisle at the grocery store, you will notice more “hand-crafted” ice cream. More flavors that resemble pastries, something you would drink at a bar, or eat for breakfast. Ice cream is branching out, and I am very, very excited about this. Here are some flavors you probably haven’t heard of before (you’re welcome):

1. Sweet potato with torched marshmallows

By: Jeni’s 

Lately, I’ve been eyeing these little tubs of ice cream at Whole Foods. Not just because the packaging looks so homemade in that perfect I-own-an-adorable-ice-cream-shop-in-Brooklyn kind of way, but because the flavors sound (and look) incredible. I’m pretty much always pining away for fall, so I couldn’t resist sharing this wonderful gem: sweet potato with torched marshmallows. It’s made with Vietnamese cinnamon and homemade marshmallows. And, you know, boundless cream.

2. Avocado chip ice cream

Recipe from: Inside BruCrew Life

Ever felt like making some ice cream on your own? I’m going to include some DIY ice cream projects, because why not? It’s probably over 90 degrees where you live, and a little ice cream-making never hurt anyone. As a true Californian, I adore avocados. I believe their infinite powers are diverse, so when I saw you could make ice cream with them, I was totally into it. All this recipe contains is avocados, chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, and heavy whipping cream. YUM.

3. Strawberry balsamic ice cream

By: Bi-Rite Creamery

I’ve only experienced the ethereal combination that is strawberry and balsamic vinegar in a salad, so when I saw these flavors were also aligned to make ice cream, I was intrigued. Bi-Rite Creamery, a shop based out of San Francisco, uses all natural ingredients, and they feature this flavor in the summer when strawberries are top-notch and super sweet.

4. Churros con Leche ice cream

By: McConnell’s 

McConnell’s, a shop originating from Santa Barbara, believes in using the best-of-the-best ingredients for their unconventional flavors. This ice cream tastes like churros and cream. It’s amazing. You can find tubs of McConnell’s in select grocery store locations, but you can also order them online! I never thought I would hear “I’m getting ice cream in the mail,” but I guess you should never say never.

5. Goat cheese marionberry habanero ice cream

By: Salt and Straw 

Salt and Straw’s flavors change all the time, so who knows how long this spicy-sweet ice cream will last? Goat cheese and marionberry sound fairly reasonable. . . but then you add in the habanero, and things get pretty wild!

6. Early grey ice cream

By: Van Leeuwen 

This ice cream actually does hail from a dainty, old Brooklyn ice cream shop, so that’s exciting. And fitting, because where else would ice cream that tastes like luxurious black tea come from? I guess England. But whatever. This tea reminds me of green tea ice cream, but stronger. Since it’s summer and sipping hot tea is just psychotic, I think I’ll be snacking on this, instead.

 7. Sichuan Pepper ice cream

By: Spraga

This Chinese restaurant in Philadelphia actually serves this ice cream for dessert. It’s zesty and peppery, but sweet since it’s also paired with cherries, strawberry ice cream, and red velvet cake.

8. Brown Ale ice cream with salty caramel 

Recipe from: Somewher Over The Kitchen

Have you ever come home from a long day at work, simultaneously craving a cold pint of beer and a tub of ice-cream? Well, your dreams (and cravings) have come true. You’ll have to literally make them happen, but it will be well worth it.

9. The Munchies 

By: Ample Hills

“The Munchies” is pretty much what you would expect from an ice cream called “The Munchies.” It’s layered with pretzels, potato chips, ritz crackers, and m&ms. Count. Me. In.

10.  Southern lemon pie ice cream

By: Turkey Hill

I’m a total lemon fanatic. Lemonade, lemon bars, dish soap that smells like lemons, I am all about this zesty citrus. I know no limits. This ice cream is the mecca of all that is lemon and delicious. Swirled in are little shortbread pieces and marshmallow.

11. Black raspberries and smoked ham ice cream

By: Salt and Straw

Raspberries and ham? Did you just read that? Why, yes. Yes you did. I know eating meat and ice cream seems a little unorthodox (um. .  . literally), but we eat ice cream with bacon all the time (at least I do), so I really see no difference. And swirl in some raspberry to attain utter perfection.

12. Salted caramel ice cream with pistachio and rosemary

Recipe from: Foodness Gracious

I’m going to leave you guys with another DIY project for this blisteringly hot summer. The rosemary seems kind of weird at first, because who uses herbs in their dessert? But you will come to find out this surprising ingredient is actually what makes this ice cream beyond amazing.

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