These insurance adjusters calculated how much damage the “Fast and Furious” franchise would have caused IRL, and it’s mind-boggling

Even if you have never seen one of the Fast and Furious films, you probably know there is no small amount of property damage. Now, some insurance experts at have calculated exactly how much all those car crashes would cost in real life.

The numbers come out to be pretty insane, and they don’t even count The Fate of the Furious, which comes out April 14.

Over the course of seven films, the Fast and Furious gang have destroyed or damaged more than 300 cars and 84 buildings.

All that destruction racks up a bill of $514,364,366. Ouch.

That number isn’t exactly surprising, considering each movie basically trashes the city it takes place in. Remember when Vin Diesel and The Rock took down the enemy while on a massive airplane? Or in Furious 7, when Vin Diesel hopped from skyscraper to skyscraper in Abu Dhabi? That kind of wreckage don’t come cheap.

The insurance adjustors at found some other fun facts about the series.

The most expensive car destroyed? The Lykan Hypersport by W Motors, valued at more than $3 million. The film with the most costly damage? Furious 7. And the character who did the most destruction in terms of dollar amount? Jason Statham’s character, Deckard Shaw, in Furious 7.

They also sorted the damage type by character. Mia (played by Jordana Brewster) only damaged buildings. Brian (Paul Walker) focused on “cosmetic car damage.” Meanwhile, Dom (Diesel) weighted more towards “serious car damage” and “serious building damage.”

And at the end of the day, the heroes cost more than the villains – about $100 million more.

Hey, revenge, justice, and exciting action sequences come at a price. Besides, what’s a few hundred million amongst family?