Instagram’s new remix feature lets you draw on pics your friends send you

It’s not like we *need* to spend more time on social media, but Instagram’s new remix update makes us think it’s inevitable. In an attempt to encourage users to use the direct messaging feature more, Instagram announced a new feature they call “remix,” which lets you draw and edit the photos your friends send you. You can then send the altered pic straight back to them and then they can add to it and send it back to you…until infinity and beyond.

All you have to do is tap the camera icon on the bottom of the screen and “capture a reply.” A sticker of the image will appear, at which point you can move and resize it, and add text or drawings. The possibilities are endless.

The update, which is live now, also includes an option to choose whether your friends see the message just once or can replay it over and over again. You just have to choose “One View” or “Allow Replay,” which will let your friends loop your messages and pause them.

Here’s what it looks like:


We’re already officially obsessed.


Of all the social media platforms out there, Instagram seems to be making a name for itself as the one with the coolest, most creative features. Just earlier this year it debuted the Superzoom, as well as enabled users to block specific commenters as opposed to turning off comments completely (a super helpful, troll-blocking concept that Twitter has yet to implement).

Now excuse us, we have some remixing to do. Goodbye, productivity!

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