Instagram’s new update will change how you use the app without Wi-Fi

Okay, we’ll admit it — we’re addicted to Wi-Fi. We’re almost convinced that our human bodies run on Wi-Fi because when we’re offline, we feel bad. But soon enough, the offline world will be less scary — since Instagram’s newest update will allow you to use the app sans Wi-Fi. According to TechCrunch, Instagram announced the development at the Facebook Developer Conference, F8.

So, technically, it’s Facebook official!

An Instagram engineer spoke to TechCrunch about the new update, and mentioned that, while offline, users can see posts loaded previously in Instagram’s feed. They can comment, like, save, follow, and unfollow — all while disconnected from Wi-Fi. Then, once reconnected, all the activity the user did while offline will go through and appear on the app.

This is not a drill, people. We repeat, this is not a drill!

While offline, users will also be able to visit profiles they’ve visited while connected to Wi-Fi and check out previously-loaded versions of the Explore page.

We finally have a valid way to avoid talking to that weird guy on the train now! Yes!

The new technology is already available to Android users, and Instagram is currently working on developing an iOS version, so sit tight iPhone lovers. The development will also help Instagram grow in parts of the world where Wi-Fi and cell phone service is limited or expensive.

Kudos, Instagram.

Instagram is making the offline realm a bit more inviting with its latest feature. It’s certainly not helping us break our social media habit. But hey, we can save that resolution for next year!

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