Instagram’s latest update is going to change your following game

Ever wondered if that special someone was following you on Instagram, or inversely,  whether a frenemy has unfollowed you out of spite? Well, wonder no more because Instagram is now making it easier than ever to figure out who’s keeping up with your filtered life.

Photographer Anthony Quintano recently discovered that Instagram seems to have added a new feature that instantly tells users if the person they’ve searched for on Instagram is also following them (or if you follow each other).

The feature is a welcome alternative to scrolling through all your followers just to see who is among them. What’s more, you’ll now be able to discover which of your friends also obsesses over the Insta-life of, say, Kylie Jenner or Amy Schumer. And we all know that who a person follows on Instagram can tell you a bit about who they are at heart (shout out to all my NatGeo lovers!)

This update joins a slew of new Instagram features, including last year’s revamped search allowing users to see trending posts underneath a tag like #tbt or #mcm. The Facebook-owned startup has also launched two proprietary apps, Layout and Boomerang, which allow users to stitch multiple pictures together and create simple gifs, respectively, and started beta testing a multi-account switching feature that would make it way easier for users with multiple accounts to switch between them without having to log out and in every time. There’s still no word yet on when that last feature will finally got public, though.

Keep those updates coming, Instagram!

(Image via Twitter)

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