This Instagram is proof that the world needs “X-Files” Barbies

Our X-Files-loving hearts are feeling really full these days, now that the limited series revamp of our fave alien conspiracy show is in full swing. But now that we’ve set our eyeballs on a new Scully-licious Instagram account, our hearts are full-on bursting.


Fact: No one rocks button pearl earrings and a pantsuit like Dana Scully. NO ONE. Need proof? Because the truth is out there, guys. And it comes in the form of @danascullystyle on IG, a page full of amazing pics of Scully as a Barbie doll. From her trademark red pageboy to the simple gold cross she always wears on the show, the doll is Gillian Anderson’s spitting image:

But what we love even better than the doll’s uncanny resemblance is the photo styling and captioning on this account. @danascullystyle absolutely nails it. In a major way. Case in point: This pic of Scully investigating a blob of green goo next to an empty pair of shoes, captioned, “Ectoplasmic manifestation, or someone forgot their shoes in dish detergent? I know what Mulder would say.”

And this shot of Scully relaxing with her favorite book. (Note she’s still in her pantsuit, because of course.)

Here she is with alien blood splatter on her neck. (Don’t you just hate it when that happens?)

Other X-Files characters turn up, too. Like Cigarette Smoking Man.

And you just KNOW Mulder shows up. 

They even shared a special moment on Valentine’s Day…

But we kind of love Scully Barbie when she’s at her badass best.

We just have one thing to say.


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