The latest Instagram updates are simple but completely rad

As of late, Instagram has been making a solid amount of changes. For instance, they recently streamlined the connection between user and companies by adding a button that allows you to buy, install, or learn more about a product that’s sponsored on your feed. There was also the introduction of the Layouts app, which is a super awesome collage Instagram app that we totally love.

But now there’s an even newer update, and it’s totally based on Instagram design. Have you ever noticed that Instagram’s desktop version is a little . . . well, clunky? Images are too small, and for an app that focuses on uploaded images, there’s a LOT going on (for example, that grid of ever-changing images on the top of the screen. What is that?).

Well if you’re an Instagram junkie like us, you might have noticed that the desktop version of your fave photo-sharing app got a much-needed makeover today. That’s because Instagram has cleaned up the page, making it look more simple and emphasizing your images by making them larger. Gone is that totally useless grid of cover images. Actually, gone is . . . well, everything, except for the bare essentials. In disbelief? Go to the desktop version of your Insta and check out your profile page. It’s simple and chic and has just what we need . . . no muss, no fuss.

Looks SO much better, right? You can also see that they got rid of unnecessary borders and shading —basically they got rid of everything that could detract from the look of your photos. 

As The Verge points out, this update actually looks a ton like VSCO Grid Pages, which probably was not just a coincidence — Instagram likely wanted to cater to photographers who wanted the emphasis to be placed on their gorgeous photos. Either way, we totally approve. If the changes haven’t taken place for you yet, don’t worry — the changes are only visible for some users today, but everyone should be able to see them by the end of the week.

Thanks, Instagram, for always giving us super-rad updates! It’s refreshing to see an app make changes to make things SIMPLER instead of more complex.

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