Instagram updates! And they are oh so incredible.

It’s like Instagram can read our thoughts. Finally, the photo sharing giant has made their website as kick-ass as their mobile version. Insta-surfing just got a whole lot easier and we are thankful.

Instagram announced Monday, according to CNET, that they are updating their site with more comprehensive search features that will allow users to search for hashtags, locations, and user accounts. We’d already noticed the spiffy new look, and these further enhancements sound just great. “Today we’re bringing search capability to our Web experience,” an Instagram spokesperson said. We’ve “better aligned our Web experience with our mobile app in a way that’s faster, cleaner, and more beautiful.” Amen.

Now that Facebook owns Instagram and they have topped 1 billion users, it makes sense they would diversify the user experience a little and make the whole Instagram sitch a smidge more computer friendly. Besides, how else were we supposed to low-key Insta-browse at work when the search function was a touch antiquated?

This Instagram announcement comes on the heels of another big Insta reveal in June, in which the app launched improved search and discovery features on the mobile (we’re talking the “explore” feature, people).

In addition to these rad new search functions on the app, there are now extended functions on that will build out the landing pages for locations and hashtags. That means if you’re daydreaming of a snowy vacation to escape the brutal heat, you can click on the ‘Aspen’ location tag, and you’ll be directed to a page with all the photos containing #Aspen. And yup, this can happen on a real live computer now, and not just your phone. 

“While is designed to be complementary to the mobile apps, it’s important to the global conversations that happen on Instagram,” said the Instagram spokesperson. “ allows you to view Instagram content from anywhere, and brings the Web at large into the Instagram community.” We (and our workday browsing habits) are thankful.

Instagram will soon take over the world. According to Forbes, “Instagram content [has] generated about 5.3 billion impressions,” and that is not insignificant. Thanks to the new functions on their website, we can have front row seats to the updated Insta-show, and not only on our phones.

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