The hilarious way one dad turned his kids into Instagram superheroes

What do you get when you combine superheroes, awesome parenting, cuteness, and puns? An Instagram sensation, that’s what.

Lance Curran of Mount Prospect, Illinois, is the co-founder of the Chicago-based Arcade Brewery, which serves beer with amazing superhero bottle designs created by comic book artists and writers. But his passion for comics extends beyond the workplace. Lance has been taking pictures of his two kids while holding up superhero mugs over their faces. The awesome effect: His kids look like mini superheroes. Lance has been hashtagging the pics #breakfastmugshots on his Instagram, and we are loving it.

The very first breakfast mug shot was actually posted over two years ago, but the hashtag has picked up steam as of late. His photos are being shared all over and have reached the front page of Reddit, prompting other parents to participate in the adorable Instagram trend. And for good reason, because LOOK HOW ADORABLE:

I mean, bahhhhhhhh.  

Just a quick mugshot, and BOOM, his daughter is here to save the day!

Just a special effect or two is needed to transform his son into Spider-Man, defending the world from all evil:

Also, his dog likes to play too.

But not all days are hero days. Every now and then, you’ve just gotta be a bad guy.

Sometimes, it’s not just superheroes and villains. . . it’s also Disney / Cartoon Network hybrids.

And for special occasions and holidays, Lance gets next-level creative:

Since his online popularity has risen, Lance has been totally thrilled and grateful. “It’s been a crazy few days . . . Best Father is the title I’ve always wanted!” he wrote on Instagram.

Best father, indeed! It’s so wonderful to see a father so passionate about his interests all while incorporating them into fun activities for his kids. Not every child gets to be transformed into their fave characters over their morning breakfast! Thanks for putting a smile on our faces, Lance — your #breakfastmugshots have warmed our hearts.

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[Images via Instagram]

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