Instagram Stories wants to be totally different from Snapchat with this new, HUGE change

If you’re someone who keeps up with all of our new social media options, you already know that Snapchat and Instagram are tight competitors, and their features are starting to overlap more and more. With the release of Instagram Stories, Instagram is even closer to Snapchat than ever before, by giving users the option to post “stories” in the form of photos and videos that are separate from their standard feed.

What’s one way the two apps are decidedly different, however? As Josh Constine points out over at Tech Crunch, Snapchat doesn’t recommend or promote stories or accounts you might like. Instagram, on the other hand, is starting to promote Instagram Stories from accounts you don’t follow but have the potential of following.


That’s right: As of this morning, some users will open their Instagram apps and see a bar featuring Stories from accounts you could follow. This is based off of who you already follow and is tailored to your searches and interests. The feature is allegedly rolling out soon for all users, but it doesn’t seem that a specific date has been set yet.

As Constine explains, the “Explore” option in Instagram is super popular already, with an average of 100 million users visiting it every day. The popularity of the Explore feature makes it a pretty reasonable bet that users will enjoy having Stories promoted to them, as well. After all, who doesn’t love discovering new content on your favorite app?

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