Instagram stories just surpassed Snapchat in popularity, and we have a few ideas why

In the nitty gritty world of social media, there are a lot of apps that are all vaguely the same. Instagram basically copied Snapchat when they launched Instagram stories, but they now have 200 million daily users, which is more daily users than Snapchat, which has 158 million. And of those, not all of them are using their Snapchat Story. They might just be sending chats or pics to their friends. But even though Instagram basically copied Snapchat and its features, Instagram Stories have taken off, and we have a few ideas why that is.

1We’re already on Instagram, so it makes sense not to switch over to Snapchat.


When it comes to Snapchat versus Instagram proper, there’s no contest. While as we mentioned, Snapchat has 158 million daily users, Instagram has 600 million. And since we’re already looking at Instagram, and the Stories features are similar, it makes sense we’d just click on the Instagram version.

2Instagram feels more “grown-up” to us than Snapchat.


Snapchat’s original incarnation was to allow us to send photos that weren’t permanent. Whereas Instagram has become an artsy place to find great images. That just makes Instagram feel classier and more grown-up, which is why we gravitate to it more as a permanent app.

3We might be exhausted by Snapchat filters.

We will always love how perfect those filters make our skin look, but we’ve hit peak exhaustion for looking at selfies with the puppy filter.

4Instagram has a great feel for the features we love.


Instagram may have stolen their Stories features from Snapchat, but they clearly knew which ones we’d like. They allow photos, videos, and boomerang. They launched the new feature geostickers, another Snapchat-inspired feature, which allows you to add a special sticker based on your location. They also just added a feature called selfie sticker where you can embed your selfie like an emoji in your image. These sound super fun, and they’ll be appearing in your app soon.

We’re so excited for Instagram’s success with stories, and we’re eager to see all their new features.


BRB. This seems like the perfect time to post a fun video to our Instagram Story!

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