Instagram Stories are getting the update we’ve been waiting for

After months of being endlessly compared to Snapchat, Instagram Stories is getting a slew of updates that are super exciting and unique. The photo-sharing app has carved out its own place in this rapidly expanding field — the newest update comes with a ton of fun features that will help Instagram Stories to stand on its own, like sharing links (FINALLY), being able to use Boomerang, and getting to @ (mention) other users. Instagram Stories are about to get waaay more interesting.

For now, us regular unverified folks only get to enjoy two of these new features — those with a blue checkmark will get to try out sharing links before us (the rest of us will be stuck with the all-too-familiar phrase, ‘Link in profile’). These links will allow you to connect to other Instagram stories and give a more narrative feel to the experience.

Links may still not be a universal feature, but the @mentions and Boomerang upgrades definitely are. Now you can type @ and a list of your Instagram contacts will show up, allowing you to tag them in relevant stories. Tapping on a tagged name will bring you to their user profile, giving you a new selection of people to follow. If you’re unsure how to use Boomerang in Instagram Stories, click here.

Now excuse while we go play with these new features!

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