Instagram star Lil Bunny Sue Roux is following in Grumpy Cat’s footsteps and getting her own plush!

If you didn’t know by now, cats are a big part of the internet. And when an internet cat gets super successful, merchandise usually follows. Like Grumpy Cat, Instagram’s Lil Bunny Sue Roux has it made in the shade. Known for her small, “T-Rex”-like arms, she’s a viral star that will soon be getting her very own super adorable stuffed animal.

Known best as “Roux,” she’s a cat who was born without her front paws. That means that Roux depends on her back legs (and a superb bounce) to get around. Of course, she doesn’t let this disability get to her. She has around 435k followers on Instagram, and still manages to live life with a positive, healthy attitude.

Her posts often have pretty inspirational captions. For example, this one is a reminder that nothing should get you down.

With her wide blue eyes, Roux only sees the good in the world. She’s definitely worthy of having her own plush — and maybe, just like Grumpy Cat, she’ll also get her own movie someday! (Or, maybe they can both star in a film together. We sense a “good cat/bad cat” buddy comedy opportunity here.)

You can buy your own stuffed Roux at, which is set up as a Kickstarter. A Stuffed Roux is available for just $25. Since her team already surpassed their goal, they no longer face any issues with manufacturing these little sweethearts. Of course, you can also get calendars, t-shirts, and other merchandise.

Seriously — how can you say no to that little face?

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